About us






Haru Trading House is not a manufacturer. And, I myself am not an artist, craftsman, or any kind of creator.
Our store is a small, small business engaged in trading and located in Nara.
Although the development of internet technology is remarkable, the products we handle naturally include many products produced in Nara prefecture.

This land is famous as an ancient capital of Japan, and many people have been living here continuously since ancient times.
Not only traditional crafts, but also amazing products are born from this Nara land.
We decided to establish this business with the desire to "distribute these products not only in Japan but also overseas", but such businesses have already been dedicated to by many major companies with significant investments of time and money, so our presence is really insignificant.

On the other hand, many of the products we handle at our store are made by older siblings, grandparents, and other relatives living nearby.
As residents of this area, we will find stories, warmth, and emotions in such products, inherit them, and distribute them to customers around the world who need them.

We believe that our real merchandise is the interaction between hearts through manufacturing, using, selling, and buying.

Outline & Characteristic

Haru Trading House is a trading company that operates as a specialty store for delivering a variety of high-quality Japanese-made products with excellent design, which are safe, reliable, and convenient, regardless of their use as daily necessities, business supplies, or industrial products, to customers worldwide.